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XR Experiences at the Festival der Zukunft 27th -29th June 2024

Many exciting XR Experiences await you at the Festival of the Future between 27th and 29th of June in the Forum of the Future in Deutsches Museum in Munich – in addition to exciting keynotes, panels and meetings with the community of the future optimists. For the first two days you can buy a ticket here, the 29th is a family day without entrance fee.

One focus this year is on mixed reality art. The new ‘passthrough mode’ opens up completely new possibilities that you can discover, experience and enjoy with us. And you can also get active yourself: you can create 3D art together using only your hands and explore an underwater world as an AR sound experience. In Virtual Reality, you can immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest, fly through the fragile ecosystem of the Bell Bowl Prairie from the perspective of the endangered rusty-spotted bumblebee, experience the fight for self-determination of the two aviation pioneers Charlotte Möhring and Melli Beese as well as 360-degree art, experience the future dreams of people from Lebanon, cycle through Berlin in 2037 and meet other people in the virtual worlds of the VR family.


by GOVAR, Ugo Dossi, Tatjana Busch e.a.

Pictures. GOVAR

EMIXAR Continuum is a new form of art exhibition in which you wear XR glasses throughout your visit to the exhibition: the exhibition creates multi-sensory experiences that go beyond physical reality. EMIXAR Continuum aims to challenge the limits of your imagination.

by Flavia Mazzanti, produced by Immerea

Picture: Flavia Mazzanti

‘Beyond My Skin’ is an interdisciplinary project that, following an interactive installation and a hybrid performance, is now being presented as a mixed reality experience (2024). Visitors see the virtual bodies of two performers, previously recorded in real time using motion capture technology, in the physical environment. This experience creates a phygital space, merging the physical and the virtual. It also questions the boundaries between public and private spaces and forms of embodiment.

Flavia Mazzanti (*ITA / BRA, 1994) is a multimedia artist who lives and works between Vienna and Sao Paulo.Her work has been shown at international festivals.Flavia is co-founder of Immerea, which develops VR experiences and virtual installations, co-organiser of XRVienna, and is active as a university lecturer and speaker at (inter)national symposia and festivals.


by She’s Excited!, Anke Schiemann and /p

CURRENT is s Multiplayer-Sound-AR-App https://current-ar.com/

Pictures: She’s excited

CURRENT is a journey through ocean currents and their effects on the climate. The flora and fauna of the ocean surround the audience: seagulls fly overhead, a shoal of herring swims past, seaweed swirls; you follow the ocean currents into the deep sea. Invasive purple sea urchins and warm-water-loving lionfish appear.
In three phases, the 3D environment changes due to the effects of climate change and pollution: plastic islands swirl, a siren wails, it starts to snow as temperatures drop, oil droplets pollute the water. As part of the ecosystem, we are all called upon to act together.

She’s Excited! created the sound, Anke Schiemann the visuals, and /p did the coding.Short biographies of the artists are here.


by Studio Vrij, Netherlands

Bilder: Studio Vrij

Using only your hands, you can paint together in mixed reality with the tool THE FREE HAND by Studio Vrij in the Netherlands.

ColMiRa – Project within WAC Factory
On 28 June, you can watch two groups of artists – Anne Wichmann, Anke Schiemann and Peter Graf on the one hand and Britta Eriskat and Eva Schnitzer on the other – as they create their 3D artworks, which will then be created live as NFTs. For you as viewers, there will be 2D views of the 3D artworks as NFT souvenirs.

by Pierre Kretschmer and RAUM

Pictures: Mechthild Meinike

On 29 June, Pierre Kretschmer will give an insight into his virtual worlds on the RAUM platform, where his VR family regularly meets. We are also cooperating with the Deutsches Museum in Nuremberg, which is supporting us with the hardware. Pierre has already offered such tours there as part of the Metaverse exhibition in Nuremberg!

Students of the university of applied sciences Fresenius
under the direction of Christina Kinne

Picture: Christina Kinne

Students at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences are turning their visions of future topics into virtual spaces on the frame.io platform and will present the results on 29 June. The course will be led by social VR expert Christina Kinne.
And we from the XR HUB will introduce you to the XR Spaces.

Live programme from Trompadu’s pirate jungle studio
by Studio Deussen

Bild: Studio Deussen

On 29 June, this workshop invites visitors aged 6 and over to join Trompadu, Affisimo and Tim Deussen in an experimental, AI-driven interactive story experience on the topic of climate change.


by localStyle with poet Michael Swierz and DTP Team Members

Pictures: LocalStyle

Dreaming The Prairie‘ explores the fragile ecosystem of the Bell Bowl Prairie – one of the last dry gravel prairies in Illinois – from the perspective of the endangered rusty-spotted bumblebee. Follow the glow to find 19 different plants waiting to be pollinated, releasing speculative ‘bee thoughts’ in the form of a poem.

© 2023 localStyle. All rights reserved. All poems © 2023-2024 Michael Swierz.

Dreaming The Prairie Team Members:
Charlotte Guan: Lead Character Artist (creature design & rigging), Phase One Project Manager
Mak Hepler-Gonzalez: Lead UI/UX Director, Level Designer, VFX/3D/Foliage Artist, Asset Optimization & Workflow Instructor, Concept Development
Kayla Kim: UX Designer, Quest Technician, Asset Optimization
Zoë Morgan: 3D Artist, 3D Rigger, Lead Game Rigger & Animator, Interaction Programmer, UX Designer, Lead Quest Technician, Concept Development
Brigid O’Neil: 3D Artist, 3D Rigging, Asset Optimization, Concept Development
Kayla Taylor: Assistant Producer, Lead 3D Artist, Asset Optimization, Concept Development
Joslyn Willauer: Lead Environment Artist, Foliage Artist, Level Designer, 3D Artist
Marlena Novak: Producer, Creative Director, Conceptual Director, 3D Artist, Voiceover
Jay Alan Yim: Co-Producer, Sound Design, Original Score Composition, Concept Development, Entomology Advisor
Michael Swierz: Poetry
Contributing Artists: Diana Jiang: Project Intern, 3D Artist; Jane Tao: 3D Artist

by Neonreal

Picture: Neonreal

In ‘Aufwind’ you experience the struggle of Charlotte Möhring and Melli Beese, the first two German women to obtain a pilot’s licence and try to assert themselves in the male domain of aviation in 1912 in the Ruhr area, where Charlotte and Melli meet at an airship christening. Charlotte and Melli are pioneering women who shape the early history of aviation.

Picutures: Neonreal

The production company NEONREAL GmbH from Düsseldorf has already realised many stories in virtual reality, including ‘Essen 1887’ with Henning Baum, Tatjana Clasing, Alicja Rosinski and Harry Wijnvoord and ‘Schumann VR’ with pianist Jan Lisiecki. Aufwind’s partner is Studio Volucap in Berlin/Babelsberg. The cast includes Wotan Wilke Möhring, Luise Befort, Michelle Barthel, Moritz Führmann, Patrick Joswig, Hendrik Heutmann and Sarah Alles-Shhkarami.

by the United Nations – SDG 16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Picture: UN

The Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL) and the Innovation Cell of the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (UNDPPA) with the team around Adrian Meyer and Martin Waehlisch give an insight into the lives of young Lebanese and their hopes for the future with the VR documentary ‘Dreaming of Lebanon’. Viewers can take part in an interactive interview with three young Lebanese from different walks of life and different places in the country to explore the reality of their lives.

by Emilia Sanchez Chiquetti, Presencias

Picture: Emilia Sanchez Chiquetti

We embark on an immersive journey through the Amazon, discovering its poetic nature and the ancestral stories of its inhabitants.How do they live, how do we live together with nature? A JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF THE AMAZON is the first chapter in a VR series about the Amazon, the Argentinian north-east and the Andes – three regions of Latin America connected by the stories told by Pachamama.

Pictures: Emilia Sanchez Chiquetti

Emilia Sánchez Chiquetti, a graduate of the Buenos Aires University of the Arts, is an Argentinian-Brazilian director and producer specialising in extended reality work. In 2015, she founded Presencias, a production studio for immersive content.

by Tina Sauerländer und Philip Hausmeier

Credit: Johanna Strobel, My Heart is not a Clock (Martha), 2022 © Künstlerin

Radiance is a research platform and database for VR art and an app for Meta Quest headsets that presents over 40 artistic VR experiences. It aims to showcase artists from around the world who work with VR in order to increase the visibility and accessibility of VR art and promote faster adoption of virtual technologies. The works can be discovered at the festival!

Credit: Banz & Bowinkel, Poly Mesh, 2021 © Künstler:innen

by Foundation Berlin 2037 and Vincent Productions GmbH

Pictures: Stiftung Berlin 2037

Cycling in the city of the future: With the help of a VR headset, users can immerse themselves in a visionary city while sitting on a permanently installed bike. The VR Experience Berlin 2037 presents the image of a model city that brings together what is already being successfully applied in some places around the world today – best practices from various sectors combined in a city of the future. Our vision of tomorrow is a sustainable and liveable city with short distances and space to linger, without noise pollution and air pollution. Liveable for young and old.

Pictures: Stiftung Berlin 2037

Produced by Vincent Productions GmbH in co-operation with NowHere Media GbR with the support of medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and SIEMENS, mobility partner: Swapfiets.


Salzsammler is an interactive XR floor projection in which children can immerse themselves in maps and learn cultural content in an explorative way. They can directly influence the game world by moving around the play area themselves and interacting with game objects. This interactive installation enables children to encounter historical content and materials intuitively and with fun.

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