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Workshop: Creating spontaneous and mobile immersive spaces using FLOSS

24.10.2022 von 9.00 – 13.00 Uhr – Muffathalle Studios, München

Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) in München

Workshop in englischer Sprache – 12 Plätze sind zu vergeben. Wenn Ihr mitmachen mögt, schreibt uns bitte an Schreibt gern auch, was Euch an Floss besonders interessiert.

Das erwartet Euch:

This workshop is aimed at artists, designers, content creators and other creatives who are interested in creating immersive spaces using low cost and light equipment.

We will be using off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software to create an interactive and immersive experience, from scratch, in an impromptu space. While doing so, we will be learning about the tools and the process of getting the basic elements of such undertaking, such as evaluating the available space, setting up projection mapping, calibrating video projectors and sound equipment, setting up cameras for live pose tracking and estimation and employing a software pipeline to glue it all together.

The workshop is based on using exclusively free/libre open source software (FLOSS) democratizing what’s possible to do with computer vision, computer graphics and spatialized audio technologies that are still marginalized and on the fringes of creative activities.

We will be exploring production pipelines that illustrate the use of software developed by SAT’s R&D department, the Metalab, in tandem with existing tools that have been seeing wider adoption in recent years.

This workshop is intended to be collaborative, almost a hackathon! With the help of the workshop instructors, the attendees will create a collaborative installation that features video projection mapping, sound spatialization and interaction, while learning about the techniques involved in achieving different steps.

There is no minimum skill requirement to attend, just curiosity and desire to learn one possible production pipeline that can be reproduced without buying expensive software.

We welcome participation with creating artworks, assets and planning, so that everyone can get their feet wet and hands dirty. Figuratively, at least.

SAT’s reputation as a leader in immersive technologies is based on its extensive R&D experience, which has been pushing the boundaries of artistic possibilities for digital experiences for over twenty years.

This research, addressing the themes of telepresence, collective immersion, video mapping and spatialized sound, is articulated around an ecosystem of open source software that aims to stimulate the emergence of innovative immersive experiences and make their design accessible to artists and creators of immersion. SAT’s research has led to important innovations in
immersion such as the Satosphere, the Scenic telepresence solution and the Satellite metaverse.

SAT offers support to organizations whose mission is to disseminate, preserve and promote culture, who wish to offer an innovative and engaging cultural experience to a wide audience and who wish to position themselves at the forefront of techno-cultural trends. SAT offers personalized support in the appropriation of immersive technologies, allowing their implementation and integration into the workflow.

SAT’s R&D team has had much success with this particular workshop in previous festivals and symposiums like at ISEA2022 in Barcelona and at IX Symposium in 2019. This workshop is also programmed at Imersa 2022 in Montreal and at the Kikk Festival in Belgium this fall.

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