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“Sound Becomes Site: Symphony for the Metaverse”

Presented by synthesis gallery.

A modular pavilion constructed for The Wrong Biennial, Symphony for the Metaverse links a series of virtual 3D architectural environments inside the web browser. Like a spatial montage composed of modulated fragments, sound and sculptural works lay the groundwork for a speculative utopian architecture that eschews any pretense of compartmentalized logic.

Blurring the boundaries between site, sound and experimental media installation, Symphony for the Metaverse gathers artists, musicians, creative collectives, and architects into the mythopoeic realm of the virtual.

Collaborators include Lea Bertucci, Commonolithic, Matthew D. Gantt, Wolfgang Gil, Jenn Grossman + Michael Clemow, Amanda Gutierrez, Kurt Hentschlager, Sophie Kahn, Olivia McGilchrist, Joseph Nechvatal, Some Place Studio, Colette Robbins, Shervin Saremi, Lisa Schoenberg, CT::SWaM, and more TBA.

The exhibition officially opened 11/18/2021 in Mozilla Hubs, and includes scheduled events, workshops, and talks throughout the duration of its run.

Exhibition dates: November 18, 2021 – March 1, 2022

Curators: CT::SwaM, Matthew D. Gantt, Jeffrey Grunthaner, George Vitale.

Online Venue: Mozilla Hubs – link here

The project XR Stage invites interested people to a guided tour by curator Giorgio Vitale.

We invite you to join one of two tours for 10 people each, guided by Giorgio Vitale.

First Tour: 8th February, 6 pm

Second Tour: 9th February, 6 pm.

Please book your participation below:

George Vitale is a technologist and exhibition maker based in Berlin. His area of focus is the impact of technology and the digital on society through the lens of art. In 2017 he founded the first new media art gallery with focus on virtual and augmented reality art called synthesis and has since then worked with internationally renowned, well-established artists alongside emerging ones. Since November 2021, George works as a mentor for the New Museum’s art and tech incubator NEW INC.

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