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German Spotlight @Filmgate Interactive Media Festival Miami #10

During the FILMGATE INTERACTIVE MEDIA FESTIVAL MIAMI #10 from November 29 to December 3, 2023, Germany proudly presents two experiences by mYndstorm productions Munich during the Art Basel/Miami week. This will be celebrated with the German Cocktail, which will be opened by Consul General Christofer Burger from the German Consulate Miami.

Here is the programme of the festival and an overview about all projects.

The two mYndstorm productions shown are

i wanna be ur dog” and “Mind the brain!“.

i wanna be ur dog

Created by Oliver Czeslik and Kathrin Brunner, this VR experience explores the world through the senses of dogs and delves into the documented journeys of three human-canine pairs – FREEDOM, TRUST, PEACE – in an interactive museum experience, transforming human perception into the canine realm, revealing the extraordinary bond between dog and human through visualized neuro- and body feedback. i wanna be ur dog is financially supported by the FFF Bayern and the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs.

Virtual Reality / 35 – 60 min. Germany 2023/ world premiere

Director: Oliver Czeslik

Mind The Brain!

Created by Oliver Czeslik and Kathrin Brunner, this neuroreactive VR journey delves into the intricacies of the human brain and explores the blurred boundaries between reality and fiction after a personal stroke experience. Presenting an ever-evolving live show and installation that challenges traditional narratives, inviting audiences to question the origins of free will and the intertwining of science and poetry in the realm of neuroscience. Mind the Brain! is financially supported by the FFF Bayern and the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs.

Virtual Reality I Performance ca. 60 min. I Germany I 2021/ American Premiere

Director (VR): Fred Kelemen


Oliver Czeslik is an award-winning creator, writer and producer of VR experiences, plays and films. His plays have been performed internationally, including “khaddafi rocks” by Philip Seymore Hoffman staged in New York. He has produced feature films for cinema and TV, mostly based on his scripts. Oliver has been a regular lecturer, including at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin/dffb), and has led international workshops, including at the Theatertreffen Berlin. Founder of the screenplay department of S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. Oliver Czeslik founded mYndstorm productions together with Kathrin Brunner to bring movement into structures -between film, science, VR, AI and art. After “Mind The Brain!” he just finished the 2nd part of the delimitation trilogy -“i wanna be ur dog“-as writer and director. He is currently preparing “to the other side”, an individual performance of AI, art, stage show and VR. mYndstorm productions collaborates with artists, scientists and technologists to create a new understanding of narration.

Kathrin Brunner is a passionate thinker in the field of digital media, digital media distribution and
content development. Curiosity is what drives her. She has held Senior Management positions at
Warner/ Bertelsmann Joint Venture in2movies, Deutsche Telekom and Discovery Communications.
With Starberry.the media factory and mYndstorm productions, she has consulted a wide range of
companies, from ProSiebenSat1’s VoD platform maxdome to the german public broadcasters.
With Mind the Brain! She is producing neuroreactive VR together with Oliver Czeslik. Mind the Brain!
Won the Stereopsia Lumière Award for Best VR technology 2020 and the 1E9 New Realities award
2021 and has been shown as an installation at Deutsches Museum, Munich.
Kathrin Brunner holds a doctoral degree in Strategic Management from Munich School of
Management (LMU) on the topic of Organisation Theory in times of Globalization.



FFF Bayern has the task of providing highly qualitative film-, games- and XR funding in Bavaria, as well as offering several services for the film, games and XR industry. This is to create and establish a competitive and powerful media hub in Bavaria.

Shareholders of FFF Bayern are the Freestate of Bavaria, the Bavarian regulatory authority for new media (BLM), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), Seven.One Entertainment Group, RTL Television and Sky Deutschland Fernsehen. 

With an annual budget of approximately € 40 million, FFF Bayern provides funding for story and project development, the production of feature and television films, international co-productions for feature films or high-end series, documentaries, web, serial and virtual reality formats, distribution, as well as XR prototyping, XR production, games and talent programs.

Besides its funding activities, FFF Bayern is also involved in extensive consulting and information services for the film, television, games and XR industry.

XR HUB Bavaria

The XR HUB Bavaria offers space – both physical and virtual – for the connection of XR researchers, XR developers and XR applicants. Its physical XR LAB is located in the “Forum of the Future” in the Deutsches Museum in Munich, virtual spaces have been created in the project XR Spaces. In all locations, the XR HUB Bavaria offers possibilities to explore XR technologies, organizes conferences, exhibitions, workshops etc. 

Thereby the aim is to help shaping the XR development and to make Bavaria even more visible as in international XR location. Focus topics are education and training, defining use cases for SMEs as well as culture and arts. In its  project XR STAGE the XR HUB Bavaria organizes networking events and workshops for independent artists in Bavaria and beyond.

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