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#XR Talk: Creative IoT, AI and XR



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In this XR Talk, we discussed how IoT and AI concepts enable new creative possibilities for immersive experiences and sound installations. After presentations of current projects, Wolfgang Kerler, editor-in-chief of the 1E9 Community, discussed technological developments and visions for future projects with our speakers. The video of the event is here.

01. IoT concepts

Over the last couple of years, IoT concepts have started to spread into the music, audio, and multimedia domain following the introduction of 5G. In the case of XR, an IoMUST network could be used to intelligently process real-time performer and audience interactions.

During our talk, Mehmet and Kerem will share how the Mehmet Ünal Studio specializes in the creative use of IoT frameworks in immersive experiences and sound installations. 

Mehmet Ünal – Founder & Award-Winning Composer 
Kerem Demirayak – Studio Director

“Mehmet Ünal Studio” is a new-age audio and music company creating audio-visual works and performances using the latest innovative technological developments like XR, IoT and ML.

02. Lure, a music-theatrical exploration of AI, and other projects

Lure is an artistic research project related to machine learning in theatre and music. We have explored a variety of machine learning techniques in combination with musical instruments, voice and narration. The artistic research transfers questions on the topics of human–machine interaction and artificial intelligence to the fields of theatre and music.

Speaker: Mathis Nitschke, Artikst/Film and Theatre Composer/Founder of Sofilab

03. Skeleton Conductor XR Art

Hanna presents a project that as whole consists of further development of the single user art work by integrating machine learning, a multiuser installation performance and research on mediated experience and choreography.
Skeleton Conductor XR Art is a user centred, single user XR art experience where the user is in a key position in the creative exploration it provides. The 6DoF VR enables a particular embodied situation where the real-time mapped gestures and movements of the user are the key ignitors and conductors of the experienced audiovisual feedback. The progression of the interactivity score offers complex sonic properties and visual sculpting to induce attentive physical engagement and the dramaturgical journey lets one reflect on their aesthetic sensibilities. Skeleton Conductor emphasises the users felt experience and multi sensorial awareness and the sense of presence – it stimulates self-reflectivity through an open ended, improvisatory creative act.

Speaker: Hanna Pajala-Assefa, contemporary dance artist, who works in various disciplines as a choreographer, dancer, researcher and pedagogue, Helsinki, Finland

Moderator: Wolfgang Kerler, Editor in Chief, 1E9 Community

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